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The Lord’s church at Brushy takes seriously the “Great Commission” - to take the gospel to the world as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20.  Not only do they send missionaries into the world, but the members are willing to go themselves. The

following is a list of Brushy members who have gone to foreign mission fields. 


1980-2000  :  Soviet Union/Russia

                             --  Roy Demonbruen

                       --  Dale Burlison

                       --  Mike Kinnard

                           --  Sharon Kinnard


1980-2000:  Germany

                       --  Gene Durham



                                 --  Gene Durham           


2000 - Present:  Western Christian College - Regina,  Saskatchewan, Canada

                                    --  Roy and Clara Shannon                                                                    

                           El Salvador

--  Larry Hildebrandt    -- David Grimes

     --  Joshua Duncan       -- Jeannine Grimes

--  James Atkinson      --  Drew Grimes

  --  Kim Atkinson            --  Roy Shannon

  --  Paige Atkinson         --  Kim Freeman

 --  Justin Atkinson         --  Tony Duncan

 --  Johnny Banks            --  Debbie Irwin

 --  Hunter Tanner              -- Bev Adams


Fiji Islands

                               --  Tony Duncan

                                 --  Cathy Duncan



                               --  Tony Duncan


(If we missed a missions thats not on this list, please contact the church at

    Brushy with additional information.  Thank you.)

Service Times:


Bible Study   9:00 AM

Worship      10:00 AM

Evening         6:00 PM


Bible Study    7:00 PM

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